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          With established supply relationships with Chinese cokeries, we are actively engaged in Chinese coke export to India, Europe, South America and South East Asia. While keeping our prices as competitive as possible, we understand the quality is the key to win our customers.


          We tirelessly follow our standard procedures on every single cargo, to make sure what we deliver to our end users meet their strict requirements.

          - To begin with, we supply the premium metallurgical coal to the cokeries to make the input right
          - Then we test coke quality in sub lots, in plant and at load port, to make sure its consistency.
          - Afterward we manage the transportation, storage and loading process to keep it within control.
          - In the end we provide end users’ feedback to cokeries to improve the quality of next shipment.




          Sinomet International Corporation
          Company addressĦJ33F Fortune Plaza AĦANo.7 Dongsanhuan Zhong RoadĦABeijing, China
          post codeĦJ200333